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Wick Trimmer

Wick Trimmer

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Wick Trimmers are an essential tool when it comes to candle care. 

Our Wick Trimmers allow you to trim your wicks evenly and without jeopardizing the integrity of your candle. The extended blades allow you to continue to trim your wicks down to your last burn! 

The catch tray at the end will collect the burned wick, so it does not end up in your candle. 

Benefits of Trimming Your Wicks:

Trimming the wick of your candle is vital to your candle’s burn longevity and shelf life.

By trimming your wick, you reduce the amount of soot and smoke your candle will emit. You also ensure a strong scent throw and even burn with each use.

Trim your wicks to 1/4 inch before each use!!!

Product Details:

Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Matte Black, Shiny Ombre, or Shiny Rose Gold
Size: 7 x 2.4 inches

Care Instructions:

After each use, discard any debris in the catch tray and wipe wick trimmers with a paper towel or cloth to remove any wax or oils.