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You've got questions and we have answers!

How long will it take for me to receive my order? 

Once we receive your order, we have a processing time of 5-10 business days (Monday - Friday). Processing time does not include shipping time. Once your order is processed and ready to go, all orders are shipped via UPS. After UPS receives your package, typical shipping time is 1-3 days. You will receive tracking information once your order has shipped. 

If I am local, can I pick up my order? 

LOCAL PICKUP is suspended until further notice. All orders will be shipped at this time. (Updated 1/1/2023)

Yes! Pick Up is available in Baltimore, MD. There is no fee associated with picking up your order. Our pick up day is Saturday, 8-10am. To choose the pick up option, select Pick up in the Delivery method section at checkout. When you select Pick up, you will choose the available location. Please Note: If you would like to pick up your order, do not choose an accelerated checkout method. If you choose one of the following in the first step of the checkout process, then the pick up option will not be available to you:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • PayPal

You can checkout with Shop Pay and still have the pick up option available. You will receive a confirmation email once your pick up date and time is confirmed. The email will have all of the instructions you need to pick up your order.

I like to really smell the fragrance of my candles. Does Lax & Lux Candles have a strong scent throw?

Absolutely! Our candles and wax melts produce a strong scent throw. Our candles produce a great scent throw within the first 20 - 30 minutes of burning and our wax melts within 10 -20 minutes of melting. The size of your room matters in regards to the strength of the scent throw. A larger room will require a larger candle or more wax melts for a strong scent throw. 

I am ready to try Lax & Lux Candles, but I don't want to commit to the 8 oz jars. What should I do?

Not a problem! We offer 2 oz travel candles that are great for trying out our scents. They offer the same great scent throw as the 8 oz jars. You should try them!

How should I reuse my candle jar?

There are an endless number of ways you can reuse your Lax & Lux Candle Jars. You can use it to:

  • Store small items
  • Plant your favorite plant, fruit, or vegetable
  • Store your favorite snack
  • Hold your favorite lit sage bundle
  • Hold your favorite pens, pencils, highlighters

These are just a few possibilities.

Before you re-purpose your jars, please be sure to remove any remaining wax by placing your candle in a warm oven or pouring boiling water into the container. Both options will melt the wax. Do not pour wax down a drain or in the toilet. The safest way to remove the wax is to absorb it with cotton balls or paper towels. Remove the wick/wick sticker. Clean the jar with rubbing alcohol to remove any wax residue. Next, you want to thoroughly clean the jar and lid with soap and water. Rinse, allow to dry, and enjoy!  

I’m not interested in reusing my jars, should I just throw them away?

NO! Consider our Jar BuyBack Program! 

Tribe members can return their used Lax & Lux candle jars/tins with the lid for 150 LUX BUX, which can be redeemed for various rewards through our Tribe Rewards Program! 

In order for jars/tins to be accepted:

  • Must be Lax & Lux Candles jars/tins
  • Must have lid too
  • Damaged or Broken jars/lids/tins not acceptable 

No need to clean/sanitize the jars/tins, we will do it! 

Upon, acceptance, LUX BUX will be added to your account after receipt of jars/tins. LUX BUX can be redeemed for various rewards including money off your next order or a future order.  LUX BUX never expire! 

To return your jars/tins, email with the number of jars/tins you are returning and a clear photo of the jars/tins. You will receive a response with next steps. 

Do you offer bulk/custom orders?

Absolutely! If you are interested in having Lax & Lux Candles provide your candle/wax melt needs for your next event, please contact us at We can work with you regarding custom labeling and colors. 

Do you offer wholesale or private label?

No, we currently do not offer wholesale or private label for any of our products. 

I've read the FAQs and I still have questions?

We are more than happy to assist you! You may contact us at with all of your questions.