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Wax Melt Care Guide

Your Lax & Lux wax melts will produce a great scent throw for the associated melt-time, but here are a few care instructions that will ensure you maximize the life of your wax melts:

  • Store your wax melts in its container, in a cool, dry place. Ideally your wax melts should be stored away from direct light, artificial and natural, to ensure color does not fade.
  • The size of your room matters in regards to the strength of the scent throw. A larger room will require more wax melts for a strong scent throw. Our wax melts produce a great scent throw within the first 10 - 20 minutes of melting.To ensure a great scent throw, allow your wax melts to completely melt. Be sure to melt wax in a well ventilated area. 
  • Do not add too many wax melts to your warmers. This may cause hazardous spills. Know the limits of your warmer before use of wax melts.
  • Remove all packaging before melting your wax.
  • Only use in tea-light warmers or UL listed electric warmers approved for wax melts. Be sure to read and follow all instructions for your warmer before first use.
  • Do not melt wax on stove or in a non-approved appliance. 
  • Never leave melted wax unattended around children or pets.
  • Be sure to clear the wax surface of any dust or debris before your next melt.
  • Always cover wax after it is completely cooled. This will prevent any dust or debris from collecting on the wax's surface and causing a fire hazard. This will also ensure a great scent throw with each melt and extend the life of your wax melts.
  • Discontinue use when less than 1/2 of wax remains or wax no longer produces a scent. Melting the wax beyond this point is a fire hazard. 
  • Please be sure to properly dispose of wax. Do not pour down drains or in toilet. Pour used wax back in original container. Be careful as the wax will be hot. Allow to completely cool before disposing.