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Meet Your Chieftess Chandler

The CEO and Chieftess Chandler

Chieftess: noun. The female leader of a tribe.

Chandler: noun. Maker and seller of candles.

My name is Charla and I am your Chieftess Chandler. I execute and manage every aspect of Lax & Lux Candles, L.L.C.. I found a way to blend my passions, knowledge, and creative spontaneity through the birth of Lax & Lux Candles. Providing Eco-friendly, high-quality products is important to me as it allows you to truly reLAX in LUXury! 

I launched Lax & Lux Candles in June 2020 (on Juneteenth with intention), but the work began much earlier. Once I obtained my Master's degree in 2018, I knew I wanted to start my own business, but I wanted to offer products with meaningful purpose. 

To know me is to know that I am particular about spaces where I spend much of my time, whether it is my home or office. The fragrance in my space is important and has always uplifted my mood and energy. I did my research and decided that my love for scents and fragrances was the best route for my business. I could be creative and share my love with my Tribe. 

I launched Lax & Lux Candles with no expectations and faith during a time full of uncertainty! Everyone was forced to be in their individual spaces for extended periods and I felt the need to reLAX in LUXury was great. The journey so far has been amazing! 

Beyond Lax & Lux Candles, I am a boy mom to the most amazing set of triplets! They have been my inspiration through this entire process. They motivate me to keep delivering amazing experiences through my products. They also lend me their opinions when trying different scents. It's great to have the extra set of noses in house!  

I truly hope you have the opportunity to reLAX in LUXury through my products. If you have any questions or would like to chat with me, just click the Message Us button in the lower right hand corner of your screen and I will get back to you! 

reLAX in LUXury

Signed - Your Chieftess Chandler, Charla