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Car Freshener - Wood Tops Only

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The Lax & Lux Car Fresheners allow you to take your reLAX in LUXury experience on the go!

Now you can take your favorite scent wherever you go! These diffusers fit perfectly around your rear view mirror. 

These are perfect for drivers who spend much of their day in their vehicle. Why not make your car space cozy? Car service drivers....This is perfect for you! Fellas who love to keep your car immaculate....Yup...This is for you!!! If you have a vehicle...This is for you! 

Product Details:

Dimensions 1 x 1.9 inches approx.
Product Weight 1.3 ounces approx.
Liquid Volume 0.27 fluid ounces approx.


How to use:

  1. Bottles come Pre-filled/Pre-activated. Ready to use upon receipt.
  2. The fragrance is dispersed through the wood. Once the wood dries, the strength of the scent will fade. 

  3. For color tops*: To reactivate, simply remove top, remove the plastic stopper and use the provided dropper to re-wet wood with fragrance oil. A little goes a long way! For wood tops*: To reactivate, simply remove top, remove the plastic stopper and replace the top. Simply turn the car freshener upside down to re-wet wood with fragrance oil. A little goes a long way!
  4. For color tops ONLY: Replace plastic stopper, then replace top.
  5. Enjoy!


Warning: Avoid over-saturating the wooden lid and be sure to keep the plastic stopper in place to prevent spillage. Failure to follow these instructions could result in damage to some surfaces. Wipe all spills immediately and keep out of reach of children and pets.

Car Fresheners are available in the following scents:

Scent Notes  Blend Type
Date Night Apple, Pear, Vanilla Musk Subtle Sweet
Fine As Wine Peach, White Wine, Pear Bold Sweet
The Gentleman Mahogany, Cardamom, Dark Musk Deep Masculine
Siren Plum, Amber, Honey, Tonka Bold Deep
Sweet P Pineapple, Melon, Cilantro Bold Sweet
Bloom Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Bamboo Soft Floral
Lush Mango, Honeydew, Pear Bold Sweet
Kush Patchouli, Vanilla Musk, Sandalwood Deep
Rise Toasted Oats, Oat milk, Honey Soft Sweet
Aura Clementine, Pink Grapefruit, Mint Soft Sweet
Lav + Chill Lavender, Powder, Violet Soft