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Wax Warmer Bundle - 2-in-1 Tabletop

Wax Warmer Bundle - 2-in-1 Tabletop

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The Wax Warmer Bundle is perfect for the first time wax melter or the veteran cAndre lover who no longer wants the responsibility of a flame! 

Each bundle comes with:

  • An electric 2-in-1 wax warmer (complete with a 20w light bulb and a ceramic wax melt dish)
  • Your choice of 3-3oz wax melt cubes
  • 6 wax warmer liners

You receive everything you need to reLAX in LUXury! 

This warmer bundle is versatile for the person who loves to switch between wax melts and candles. This warmer can be used to melt wax melts in the wax melt dish or the dish can be removed to melt candles 10oz or smaller. You can get the ambiance of the candle minus the flame! 

This bundle also makes the perfect gift for birthdays or the upcoming holidays!

Wax Warmer Product Details:

Material: Ceramic 
Color: Walnut and Pewter 
Size: Varies 

Heat Source: Electric - Light Bulb

Easy On/Off Switch on cord

Plug in fits most standard 110V electrical outlets

Care Instructions:

After each use, please be sure to allow the wax dish or candle to completely cool before touching. To easily change your scent, utilize the wax warmer liners that are included in the bundle! Allow wax in liner to cool before touching.